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EazyKayy - In the Deep

She Fine

EazyKayy She Fine

Artist EazyKayy drops his first single of the year β€œLOCO” from the Canadian record label, Ciebel Jay Inc. LOCO is a vibrant dance afrobeats song reminiscent of original dance pop or Shake & afro distinct sounds with the confidence of a danceable tune. It has a kick with its killer bass and guitar strums. It literally makes you want to dance. The song is about a man who's fallen for a woman's love that makes him loco. From his first single of the year, Eazykayy hopes to leave a lasting impression on his listeners with sounds, and an originality they’ve never heard before.

LOCO sun shine spotlight on EazyKayy red puffer jacket coat white leather bonnet gray lit sound new LOCO sun shine spotlight on EazyKayy red puffer jacket coat white leather bonnet gray lit sound new

Cover Art by @ruan.pvidal
Produced by @mazi_spice
Mastered by @stgthaprodigy
Video by @hanselshotz
Styling by @emekaoflagos


As a child, EazyKayy would memorize songs quicker than other children and sing them word for word. At the age of 16, he single-handedly raised money to get into a studio and focused his energy on song-writing. Soon after, his massive passion for music made him create a song with a beat he found online. Since then, EazyKayy has been investing his time, energy, and youth into creating the music he wishes for the world to see.

After a long journey of facing struggles in his way, contacting different labels, and learning about music along the way, EazyKayy found home in the expert guidance and support of CIEBEL JAY Inc. His style has evolved to include rap as well, but his specialty genre remains Afrobeats. His talent, determination, and hard work have left his fans in awe. It is a surprise to none that this aspiring young singer has outstanding potential for a bright future.


Ifeanyi Emmanuel Uchegbu, also known as EazyKayy, is a versatile singer creating meaningful music since 2015. He was born in 1999, in Enugu State. Moving from different cities with his family allowed him to start gaining exposure at a young age where he found himself learning more about people, diversity, and of course, music. With his paternal side of the family being largely connected with music and acting, making meaningful music was always like second nature to him.

Full Names: Ifeanyi Emmanuel Uchegbu

Stage Name: EazyKayy

Zodiac: Sagittarius

Age: 23 years

Nationality: Enugu State, Nigeria

Occupation: Singer, songwriter